Frequently Asked Questions

What is NerdWallet's ticker symbol?
When was the company founded?
The company was founded by Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson in 2009.
How long has the company’s stock been publicly traded?
The company's initial public offering of shares was made on November 4, 2021 under the name NerdWallet at $18.00 per share.
Who is NerdWallet's auditor?
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
Whom do I contact if my address has changed or need information about my NerdWallet shares?

You should contact our transfer agent, Broadridge Financial Solutions.

Telephone: 844-998-0339 or 303-562-9304

When does NerdWallet's fiscal year end?
NerdWallet's fiscal year ends on December 31st.
Where can I find more information about NerdWallet?
Visit NerdWallet's Company page for information about our mission and values.
How do I contact Investor Relations?
You can reach NerdWallet IR by sending an email to
When will NerdWallet's next Quarterly Earnings be?
All upcoming announced events are listed on our Events Page. To sign up for notifications, please visit our Email Alerts page for more information.

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